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  1. Yeah, cum looks great on white. One of the reasons I love white briefs
  2. My friend loves.Today while watching a movie,stroking his sag,at one point I felt a wet spot on his black CK.He didn't mind,so I started stroking the area intensely,when I felt him fill his CK`s with cum 😊
  3. Thank u, that's good to hear😎 I wonder if it's possible to post a video?)
  4. Oh, how embarrassing πŸ˜„ I love the fact that my love of wet underwear and shorts/pants, pleases my friend who lives nearby. To whom it is possible to come in this form, having collected enough looks.
  5. Yes, I was taking a shower)I really love these shorts. I'm already looking forward to next summer,to enjoy,take photos and record more video
  6. I love to do it. I also like to go out with a stain on my pants, on the street,which is gradually increasing.Indescribable feeling)) some screenshots from the video:
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