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  1. Always Spain Gran Canaria or Teneriffe
  2. Beach time tomorrow. Can't wait to get some tan! 

  3. Ripped jeans Jersey shorts or swim shorts
  4. Medium rare KFC or McD
  5. Seriously really appreciated that you are following me 

    1. Kitdave


      No prob 😁

  6. Pink Pink or white
  7. American Eagle Diesel or Calvins
  8. Jockstraps Condom or no condom
  9. Prada Andrew Christian or Pump
  10. I thought normal massage is with happy ending Happy ending Sex at home or outdoor
  11. Vanilla pudding Nudist beach or normal beach
  12. Nude Dark room or gay sauna
  13. Motor sports Twink or daddy?
  14. C'man its really nice outside, it's UK, I dont expect proper summer soon so no reason to wait
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