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  1. zigisagger

    Vaping / Juuling / Smoking

    I also smoke cigarettes
  2. zigisagger

    Smoking Saggers

    1. When and why did you start smoking? 17, asked my friend for one because I was curious and thought it's cool 2. What are your favorite brands? Winston blue and red 3. Do you smoke and sag at the same time? Of course, I love it 4. What type(s) of underwear do you sag in? Boxer briefs mostly
  3. zigisagger


    Hey, I'm new here Name: Moritz Age: 22 Height: 1,85 m Weight: 65 kg Style: mostly casual Sexuality: Gay Hobbies: Architecture, urban design, piano playing, sagging, smoking, partying Location: Zürich, Switzerland

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