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  1. tomass

    Vaping / Juuling / Smoking

    I vape, use to smoke cigarettes but quit. I miss smoking cigarettes tho.
  2. tomass

    Trading underwear?

    Iv done it before! Its hot!
  3. $200 thousand? Not $20 thousand? It cant me that much of a typo when you had to type out "thousand"
  4. tomass

    What Do You Find Attractive?

    Hahahahaha omg really??? You dont think you are defensive??? Smh, you really are dumb as F****!
  5. tomass

    Opinion about facial and body hair

    If you feel the need to ignore the question and make a personal attack on me. I'd love to hear the answer, if you are comfortable to do so. Why dont you answer his question? We would all love to know your answer to his question.
  6. tomass

    What Do You Find Attractive?

    Then why are you so denfensive with everyone in these forums?
  7. tomass

    What Do You Find Attractive?

    If your not racist then why bring up the racist point to begin with? Explain further. You may not be racist but you are annoying asf!
  8. tomass

    Opinion about facial and body hair

    What difference does my opinion matter, or anyones, when all you are going to do is shoot it down anyway.
  9. tomass

    Opinion about facial and body hair

    SBJB always has to state his opinion on everything and he thinks his opinion is always right. If its not, then he will continue to fight and argue about it. The world doesnt revolve around you SBJB.
  10. tomass

    SexySaggerYo Videos

    I think its hot, wishing it was my hand!
  11. tomass

    CALVIN 13

    Id walk by a d smack that ass!
  12. tomass

    CALVIN 12

    I think this one is my favorite!

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