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  1. Yea I jus recently went to Walmart and saw the back to school underwear sale all full of boxer briefs ion very strange cuz in the early 2000s boxers were the thing to wear aswell as the novelty kind that had cartoons on them , but I have seen guys sagging boxer briefs way more then boxers. it’s so rare Now I barely see a plaids boxers wearer unless he’s like really old lol me personally I find boxer briefs to be more comfortable while sagging ,they don’t bunch up like plaids boxers if u sag , you will have a less chance of someone commenting rudely if you sagg them than boxers girls
  2. Yea in Texas guys still wear them and sag them though I really don’t like them it’s mainly Hispanics and blacks who wear them and red neck white guys
  3. I don’t believe u guys cuz literally I see it everywhere even Bieber still does it maybe it’s jus in the U.S
  4. Well I see guys in high school still doing it freshmen juniors it’s on ig
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