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  1. SlaveToSagger

    nighttime drip 😈

  2. SlaveToSagger

    skype anyone???

    yo wats good im down to skype if anyone is interested hmu!
  3. SlaveToSagger


    @DerekJohnson9110 get a contact info from him!!
  4. SlaveToSagger


    😍 love da boots bro
  5. SlaveToSagger

    anyone down to skype??

    heyo wassu who down to skype?? i got no life so im free haha
  6. SlaveToSagger

    anyone want a slave???

    yo wat up im lookin for a master who got mad fetishes n kinks hmu man! Photo from badmasterboys
  7. SlaveToSagger

    Fetishes or kink's

    I like getting, trampled, stomped, kicked, slapped, belted, spanked, degraded, humiliated, pissed on, spit on, farted on, I like sneakers, boots, socks, feet, leather, saggers, thugs, ect
  8. SlaveToSagger

    Anyone got any fetishes???

    Hey I have mad fetishes and I'm looking for people the same! So hmu man

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