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  1. I officially live alone!!, hmu if u wanna come ova n chill

  2. Got da crib to myself dis week, hmu if u wanna chill

  3. Birthdays Friday n all I really want is a sagger (or anyone) friend dat hmu n chills wit me on a reg basis

  4. beastly_boy617


    Saggin, fat asses, big muscular pecs, dry humpin
  5. beastly_boy617

    Finding a sagger boyfriend

    A boyfriend who sags would b perfect! dudes r always kinda like wtf wen they notice my sag n it sucks wen I see how few gay saggers there r esp locally.
  6. Got da next 10 days off!! 

  7. beastly_boy617

    Gay Pride Sagging

    Id go to pride if I knew otha saggers would b there
  8. Watup, laid back dude lookin for otha saggers to chill wit

  9. beastly_boy617

    Anyone else into pits?

    herre ya go, watchu think, lol.
  10. i also got some pics on my profile ur gonna like!

  11. sup bro? hows it saggin?


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