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  1. https://www.messysupplies.com/ Does anyone have any experience with this store and any tips or recommendations for international customers?
  2. I also remember doing sagging in summer camps with boys, not catholic ones though
  3. I have seen the original video many times and somewhere there was also pictures of same sagger inside school, but never that video from that angle, thanks mate
  4. They are talking what is acceptable level on hanging/sagging pants I find it just creepy that the headmaster takes measurement of minors (almost) bare butt
  5. But in my school that wouldn't be okay or considered cool, quite the opposite actually I find it interesting that sagging is coming back again and considered cool again
  6. Aren't that just American eagle, or do they have had a collab with Versace? Anyways normally I would also say that gold undies are quite meh But with that guy and that outfit, I would find it hard to keep my eyes out
  7. Damn son, I wish I would have the courage to show my boxers like that in school like that. Any guesses why he is doing it guys? My guess is that he likes the attention (getting commented) and turning heads.
  8. Name´╗┐: Sam Age : 23 Height : 5'8" Style: Varies, I prefer trackies and chavvy style. Weight : 72kg Sexuality : Bi/Pan Hobbies : PC gaming, photography, Gym, cooking, traveling location : Finland
  9. 4, not often strong feelings to girls but CAN happen if its the right person, mostly attracted to hot guys who sag, but not like wanting to have sex with everybody
  10. Hot twink saggin below **** and getting messy
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