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  1. DutchWetlookGuy

    How Straigt/gay Are You?

    Me to I think. I am a incel virgin skater and i jerk off to girls in skinny jeans asses.
  2. DutchWetlookGuy

    How Straigt/gay Are You?

    I only kissed with guys but I mostly jerk off to hot girls in skinny jeans asses. I think girls have more sexy jeans asses. I think I am a 1 or 2, I jerk off to girls more but I am still virgin and I only kissed guys.
  3. DutchWetlookGuy


    I want to jack off and kiss with guys while looking and talking about us being facesitted by her tight jeans shorts with cameltoe and sweaty smell. I am a sweaty pants ass addicted perverted fapboy. I fantasize about sniffing and locking that sweaty pants ass, inhaling the aromas of a mix of warm moist and sweaty pants smell. I jack off to it. Oh, I am so perverted!
  4. DutchWetlookGuy


    Women with wet skinny jeans. I love wet jeans perverted by ass and pussy.

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