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  1. Yes I love tk wear CK boxers. It complets the arousing experience 😍
  2. Heb je ook kik? Ben zelf 27 btw, kik: Aquila_1995. Lijkt me lekker om een keer samen te saggen man.

  3. I love skinny jeans, high top Nike sneakers, backwards cap and that cool guy look. I would love to be with other guys while we wear outfits like that, sagging and just walking into a group of girls who would love to lick our joysticks ❤️ .
  4. Yeah dude, would love to just walk into a group of slutty girls while sagging in a cool outfit, and just say to them: “Alright, who wants to get on their knees first and lick my joystick?”. It would be so hot to do this with another cool guy. The idea of it feels so hot and the epitome of being a cool guy.
  5. With low humidity it dries pretty fast. Last month I had a few weeks around 30 degrees celsius (about 85 degrees F) with clear skies and low humidity (so no muggy, moist air) and it dried within an hour or so in the sun.
  6. I would love to jerk off with you while you are wearing that outfit, I’m wearing something similar and we stare at sexy girl’s cleavages nearby the park. Everyone sees that we do this and the girks are giggling. Would be so hot to make this exhibitionist fantasy a reality! ❤️
  7. Yeah I can relate to that, just naked is a gawn for me. The sag and swag does it, really!!!
  8. I think it’s a bit more nuanced than that, because I get hard of the outfit in the first place. I don’t mind how you call it but it’s more aimed at the clothing style in my case.
  9. Yeah, my likes are really visual and more about style and ideas: cool and swag outfits and the fitting attitude.
  10. I’m not straight but also not gay. I’m attracted to certain looks, but I’m not interested in “normal” gay sexual acts. It has to involve outfits like the one in my profile pic, that’s what does it for me . No label really covers me, I’m really into this sag fetish and everything about this look in my profile pic: cool, swag outfits.
  11. I love that cool attitude from saggers like you, so bro-ish and alpha, and modern. It’s totally fitting to the whole sagging idea.
  12. Without the outfit I love it wouldn’t do it for me. I am attracted to an attitude and the looks of sagging in certain outfits. When I see a hot sagging outfit, I immediately want to give the guy wearing it a bj. It’s just so sexy to be a servant of the sagging outfit. That’s what does it for me. Not the guy, but the sagging outfit combination.
  13. Yes I do get a boner, especially when I fantasise about touching his skinny jeans or boxer covered bottom. And I only get a boner when I suck his c**k when he wears a hot outfit, and backwards cap (like on my profile picture). So it’s all about the clothing, that makes the difference in terms of sexual arousal for me.
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