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  1. It would be nice if I could get an email to reset my password, as I'm unable to access my account on my laptop.

    1. Andrew_Smiley94


      Maybe you should talk via PM with @flameboard and/or @TheOther1 regarding the issue…

      I hope they can get it resolved for you. And again, if you are able to get it reseted, and created a new password, write it down… it happens to my mom, she forgets her password 🤣

      P.S. I don’t know if you got my reply to your PM a month ago… I see you haven’t read it yet lol. I understand if you’re busy or so… but thought to give you a heads up.

    2. ElCarnicero


      Hey, Andrew!

      I did see your recent message. Apologies for not responding sooner. I'd rather do so with my laptop instead of the phone, as I'm doing now.

      I can't seem to find Admins section on my screen, but I would think they'd see what I've written in the Status column. Oh, well!

    3. Andrew_Smiley94


      All good man, I know how hard it is using the phone to check messages, and what have ya lol. I mostly use my iPad to browse around SW… rarely I check off my phone and/or PC.

      I know there’s a lot of differences between devices in terms of checking messages, the forums, etc.

      I see Flamey got our attention on this status… so if he did send you a message, just check it off the phone… he may be telling you something.

      Good luck!

  2. Strange that I'm unable to recover my password. I'm signed in on my phone, but not with my laptop!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ElCarnicero


      I forgot my password, but I'm not receiving the necessary emails to reset it 

    3. Lee249


      Well, I assumed that if you're signed in on the phone, then you shouldn't have issues with your laptop providing it's the same password? 🤔

      Hope you managed to get it sorted dude. All the best. 




    4. Andrew_Smiley94


      That’s strange… ever since after I created my account, I never gotten any new emails from SW… I guess even if I forget my password, I may not get an email to reset or recover… but thankfully I know my password.

      Also, in the future, if you know the password already, or you got a new password, either try writing it down on a paper and put it somewhere safe, like the dresser, shelf, etc. or type it in Microsoft Word, or drafts section of your email.

      I hope to get things straightened out.

  3. Stumbled across this yesterday on Facebook:  


    1. Dillon


      go up to them and say hi. 

  4. So...one can't copy/paste photos from this site?

    1. Andrew_Smiley94


      You mean copy and paste photos from this site to other social media, etc.? I never done that… but I do copy and paste photos or GIFs from google to this site.

  5. Caught this fella in a subtle sag outside a rail station last Friday.

    image000002 (3).jpg

    1. lo2go


      Good catch, man!

  6. DeusBex...are you familiar with private messaging?

  7. Why is it so complicated to post a photo I've taken? "Rich text", "plain text"...WTF?!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ElCarnicero


      There's no tab for uploading in the Status Update box.

    3. TheOther1


      If you mean the recent status update sexton on homepage, that's expected. Go to the profile page instead. 

    4. Andrew_Smiley94


      Yeah, that’s usually how I post whether it’s with pictures or not, I would post random post in my profile page, cause I would know where I’m posting. I know some people does their own thing, even Lee.

  8. I was pitching a tent!


    1. lo2go


      Virility showing!  Mmmmm

    2. Lee249


      Not in England... You'd be blown away lol 

  9. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!

    1. Lee249


      Happy New Year mate x

    2. Andrew_Smiley94


      Happy New Year to you as well!

  10. Was the site down for much of yesterday?

  11. Lee...will you step up to be the new Prime Minister?

    1. Andrew_Smiley94


      So long he takes his job seriously! 😂🤣

    2. Lee249


      @ElCarnicero not enough blowjobs or backstabbing chaotic shenanigans In the world would get me elected. Total farce! I will promise a change one day... the right to peace ❤️ Thanks for your vote! ☑️




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