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  1. getting a wedgie in boxer shorts 🤭 giving a wedgie on someone you like, or receiving a wedgie from someone you like?
  2. Hanging around at home fully clothed.. and sagging bbs Edit: Sweatpants without any underwear 🌚😏 sending by mistake your underwear pics to your parents or to your boss?
  3. Tight undies. Steal someone else's underwear or having your own underwear stolen?
  4. Paul McCartney - Live and let live! 24hrs hearing Justin Bieber or/ receive a wedgie?
  5. I think I am gonna make a new album, anyone got any suggestions for it? 😜

    1. Lukey


      double sagging so sagging to knees in boxers trackies n jeans?

    2. SaggersRhot


      Not sure if you are into getting your sag wet but I'd love to see some wet pics!

    3. PumaBoxersss


      Yes, wet pics please : D

  6. I agree! @Pokemon you should listen to this man
  7. there are some others here as well 😄
  8. my favorite hollister jeans with a red underwear
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