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  1. Omg look that body with muscles 😍 💪
  2. Omg for sure I will sagging the first date only if the other boy sagg with me
  3. Happy may 17th to everybody, today it is the day against homophobia and against transphobia in my city 

    1. Daddysgums


      Congrats and many celebrations your way 

  4. Would like so badly to lick your spunk over your hot body 😍
  5. Welcome back bro where in Canada are you located?

  6. Seriously such a really nice sagging under your ass bro with that red ck boxers 

  7. Seriously tom67 you have such a really nice sagging under your ass with that hot body 👌 😍 would do anything to take care of it. Also u are in my favorite 💓 

  8. Hey bro, where in Canada are u located? 

  9. Seriously would do anything to take care of that hot smooth skinny hairless body 😍
  10. Once again I saw a really hot sagger in front of a store with his girlfriend, he was sagging like mid ass

  11. Seriously I am in the same boat as you I am little bit younger then you and also looking for friends or a sagger boyfriend who I can hang out with him. I am from Montréal Quebec
  12. Seriously such a really nice sagging under your ass bro 👌
  13. Seriously such a really nice view. I live in a city where we have a strong winter. If I win at loto for sure I would like so badly to move like in Cube, Floride or Puerto Vallarta to see surfers, sagging lads on the beach, sunset, sunrise, pina colada, rhume and coke, etc.
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