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  1. Hi saggerworld community, I am so curious to know if in your city or town, if there is a day called one day without pants in the subway and bus? If yes, how would u react? Would u be h*** as ***? Would u follow that person? So let answer below cause I am so curious, thanks so much for your answer in advance, have a good one.
  2. There is one boy in the library where I go study on the regular basics, who is sagging like so badly just bellow his ass. He is always wearing a yellow boxers. Also he is so my type, I must to hide my bonner cause its like an instant bonner I have as soon I see this boy in the library :)

    1. LightningTheHotSagger


      Lol, I'm so young, and I felt the same way, but he and I both ended up dating, had sex, and then ended up breaking up... it was an odd moment, but at least I'm no longer a Virgin! 😉✌️

  3. Emohotboy

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    The same song over and over again no-stop 24 hours / 24 - Faded
  4. Happy Easter to everyone :)

  5. Happy haloween to all my sagging friends


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