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  1. Omg just saw a really nice boy sagging so low on my street with a school bag 🎒

    1. ElCarnicero


      Couldn't get a photo?

  2. Such a really nice sagging under your ass with that hot body 😍
  3. Seriously such a really nice sagging under your ass bro 👌 with that hot red boxers 

  4. @jace once again enjoy your long weekend sagger party 2021 also really appreciated that u took some pictures 📷 for my pleasure 😊

  5. Seriously such a really nice sagging lads 👦
  6. At the park where I usually go to chilling it's always the same smooth skinny hairless body lads 👦 who do bmx and skate. Omg he is so hot as f***

    1. ElCarnicero


      How old are these "lads"?

  7. Seriously such a really nice sagging under your ass bro with that hot blue 💙 boxers 💙😍
  8. Seriously can not wait the perfect date and place to find lots of saggers just for me so I can enjoy it daily 

  9. Seriously such a really nice sagging under your ass bro with that hot smooth skinny hairless body 😍



      thank you mister

      Glad you like it

  10. Seriously u can bend over just for me daily so I can see your nice sagging under your ass bro 

  11. I know I just hate that when a straight boy just sagging to empress the girlfriend 😒 I can not believe there's not a single gay saggers who can just chilling and sagging just for me in Montréal 

    1. ElCarnicero


      In a city the size of Montreal, there are probably some young gay men who want to sag, but are afraid, particularly if they're out. They might think that people will assume they're advertising their butts. It's ironic that straight saggers don't worry about that, but personally, I find it odd that any heterosexual man would want to display his ass.

    2. Lee249


      I don't see why sagging to impress a gf would be an issue. However, I haven't been in that position. To my knowledge, it doesn't impress them. 





  12. Gonna try to relax myself cause still I don't find any saggers in my area to hang out with and chilling. Also the sagger neighborhood who is on grindr never answer me and still waiting for a respond from the stagiaire who is working from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm who never hear from him but he sagging so low and he is so cute as f 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Emohotboy


      Gonna try to explain the best I can cause english is not my first language stagiaire it's a person who work without get paid without get a regular money 

    3. ElCarnicero


      Ah, a volunteer.

    4. Lee249


      Yeah, chillax man. If you weren't being a knob, they will get back to you in their own time. Don't stress






  13. Hey mate Jace I would like to know if u and your roommates gonna host the each year saggers party in September as u did last year in September as my birthday 🎂 To be honest with you I really enjoy all the pictures 📷 you took for the last saggers party they sagg so low as f*** lots of s** going too in the room 😊 keep me update please take care have a great day Jace 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lee249


      Nice to know @jacewould my ass be worthy for you party? Lol. Always been intrigued. I love seeing the pics. 

    3. Emohotboy


      @jace I know you host your annual sagging party from September 11th to 13th would like so badly that u took pictures please so you can send me mate so I can enjoy watch it enjoy your annual sagging party 

    4. jace


      Will see what I can do!  so much hott boy on boy and boy on man action going all the time at sagger house, Sure we will have lots to report 

  14. Really appreciated that u understand me. Seriously can not wait what is gonna look like the next sagger party host by Jace and friends in September the same month as my birthday 

    1. Lee249


      Thanks pal 🙂 Ask @jace if we are going ahead this year.




    2. Lee249


      Pop over to Discord & we'll have a chinwag dude 😉

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