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  1. Every song 🎵 from Dua Lipa and also September Cry for me
  2. Omg that is a huge sag below the ass, lucky u have such a friend like that in school
  3. I saw lots of cute boys and draggueens in town cause of the pride week. Happy pride mtl 

  4. Today I saw a Coca-Cola dude sagging when he bend over at the grocery store. It was amazing 

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    2. Emohotboy


      Yes it was a delivery man also he was so young I would say mid 22 yo 

    3. wxsaggerNick
    4. Lee249


      @TheOther1I'll be your coca cola dude 😂

      Sounds HOT I like it when guys bend over. 

  5. In my opinion too low for sagging is where u see the entire boxers or briefs and u can see the legs
  6. Such a really great sagging under your ass 😉
  7. Such a really great car to have fun inside ☺
  8. Vans Converse Nike Adidas like 9 pairs of shoes 👞 👟
  9. sup bro dm me?

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    2. SpSagger


      I sub to datboyrob rn and was wonderin if u would maybe wanna trade log ins? So we both get both sites? Also the vids on baggykevin tagged with SpSaggerboi are of me. 😉 hope you enjoy. 

    3. SpSagger


      Can’t private message I for some reason. My kik is SpSagger if u wanna chat off here 

    4. Emohotboy


      Omg bro seriously u have such a nice body with that nice sagging under your ass. I really like your pictures 

  10. Downtown in my city there is a church called Lighthouse, like the same name of the Bars and Melody CD. First I was thinking they both live there lol 

    1. ElCarnicero


      Who's they?

    2. Emohotboy


      Look on YouTube they win British got talent bars and melody leondre 

  11. Exactly Leo has a really nice sagging under his ass
  12. hey how are u? I just found your profile, u have such a nice body 

  13. Omg seriously such a really nice huge sagging under your ass 😉 

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