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    Im a sagger and like to sagg in every kind of pants.
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  1. I definetly have. Just out of curiousity for one reason... The other would be my kinkyness Id love to sniff and wear a hot guys underwear absolutely... Just don't know what else would happen then
  2. Just replied to your PM mate 😉

    1. JackoSagg


      Answer incoming :)

  3. Thank's for your replies to my recent status! 
    Gonna give the ideas a shot! :)

  4. Hey guys!

    Thinking about doing new pics.

    What would you like me to wear?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Joee


      leather pants and/or satin boxers 

    3. Astg94


      Maybe try sagging with any jeans below ass and bulge without shoes… socks or bare feet are ok with me. I’m fine with any boxers you’re wearing as well. 🤞

    4. JackoSagg


      Thank's for your replies guys! I think, ill give some of that ideas a shot! :)

  5. Just replied to a PM owed to you Tom. Sorry for the delay x 

  6. Just wanted to say Thank's for you'r feedback on my new Pics! I really appreciate that!

    1. ElCarnicero


      You're the best, baby doll!

    2. CaptainPanther


      You're welcome mate. Keep it up/ or down 😉

    3. Astg94


      My pleasure! You definitely make some good sagging pics without background distraction… wonder how’d you do that?!

  7. Awesome dude

    1. JackoSagg


      Thank you! :)

  8. Is anyone still using the VideoChat? Or Interested in Skype? :)


    1. Astg94


      What do you usually do when you Skype? I’ve had Skype with my friends in general, but not with people from those sites like SW, cause I’m currently living with my parents… hadn’t been home alone since the pandemic… it’d be hard to consider video chat when my parents are here. I’d love to watch whatever you do in the near future.

  9. Just wanted to say Thank you for your support! :) I appreciate that!

    If you have some Ideas for my next sagging pics, just let me know! 😄

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lee249


      @JackoSagg you are a cutie. We appreciate your input thanks for it x

    3. Emohotboy


      Omg yes please can you walk shirtless with your middle ass sagging under your ass in the park and bend over to see your nice boxers please 

    4. JackoSagg


      Thank's guys!
      Sounds like a good Idea @Emohotboy :) Gonna try that out :)


  10. It has been some Time... 😲

    Though i shall have to take new Pics soon ;)

  11. Just uploaded a bunch of new Pics :)

  12. New Pics are waiting for approval! ;)

  13. Just posted some new Pics!
    Though that was about time! :)

  14. New pics are waiting for approval

  15. New pics are waiting for approval

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