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  1. I agree, the very first time is somewhat weird and perhaps hurts a little. Be sure that you use plenty of lube. The feel quickly becomes so awesome and addiction to the sex results. It's a total addiction and soon one cannot get along without it. One cannot always say that they can discover the pleasure the very first time, but it quickly grows into the most awesome type of sex. Try introducing it through agressive kissing, etc. which adds to the pleasure.
  2. Yes, South Poles are awesome jeans for low saggers. I got 2 pairs this summer on sale without realizing how great they are for saggin. I definitely want to start wearing them all the time. Are there any specific types of SP jeans that are extra hot for low saggin? Also think I got mine a bit too short for heavy dragging on the ground. SP's are definitely HOT!!

  3. "Love your South Pole sags! Just started wearing them and find that they are great saggin jeans, perhaps the best. Are they your favorites?

    Yup - South Poles are all I've worn for a couple years - gettin kinda hard to find the baggier styles

    that I like where I usually am, tho . . . . sux!

    Used to do Levis, but you couldn't make me now - no way!

  4. Forgot to mention. Glad to meet another sagger who enjoys smoking!

  5. Love your South Pole sags! Just started wearing them and find that they are great saggin jeans, perhaps the best. Are they your favorites?

  6. Does it matter as long as you enjoy? Sagging helped me find myself. Got started saggin because I saw lots of awesome dudes doing it. Then one day on the bus going to school, this hot guy told me I had a nice butt and wanted to see more. After school we went to his place where he went inside me; it was my first time, but he taught me what I needed to know. It sent me into orbit, and I could never stop. It was my ultimate pleasure. Needless to say, I started to wear my jeans lower and lower.
  7. Many thanks for the invite!! Keep em LOW!!

  8. Started 4 yrs ago because best friend helped me get started and I liked it. Looks cool too. Marlboro Reds, about 1 1/2pkspd. All the time. AE and Tommy Hilfiger boxers.
  9. Sagging/freeboarding in skintight Paris Blues skinnyjeans, large brown leather belt with star buckle, oversized yellow hoodie, and brown harness boots.
  10. Yes!!! I sag in skinnyjeans most of the time.
  11. Luv to sleep in old tattered pair of Levis cutoffs, without any underwear. They have a awesome feel when jerking off or having sex with a BF.
  12. Guys saggin in skintight girl's skinnyjeans. Long wallet chains. Guys wearing large hoop earrings or large gage ear plugs. Guys wearing girls Levis!.
  13. Dark blue Paris Blues low rise skinny jeans, nothing underneath, long white and black hoodie.
  14. What about wearing a bb ring? Would a ring look kool?
  15. Leviskid

    Being Gay

    Interesting comment! You said that being gay kinda sucks most of the time but you make the best out of it. What makes you feel this way? Do you think that gays are more cool than straight guys? Seems like many hot saggers are gay. I've always thought so.
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