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    1. TimLucas
    2. swimsagger


      9 hours ago, Ma5t3rd10O0O said:

      Hot vid!

      Thank you!

    3. sagstvp


      That's a hot wet vid! :damn:

  1. Who in Los Angeles likes to sagg? :D

  2. Dude, you're killing me with your sags! Nice collection 😉

    1. swimsagger


      @Lee249 thanks man!  I try my best 😉

  3. Grey Uniqlo t-shirt, white Uniqlo button down, dark grey Topman skinnies, purple Diesel boxerbriefs
  4. Not what I'm wearing right now, but from two days ago
  5. I'm a big fan of Calvin Klein and Bonds - they are not cheap, but so sexy.
  6. blue t-shirt, sagging khaki jean shorts, black Bonds boxerbriefs with blue waistband
  7. hot pics!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. black sagging jeans, white CK boxer briefs, grey t, grey sweatshirt
  9. supposed to be near 80 degrees today. no winter in the land of endless summer.
  10. I had a fun wet experience about a month ago in LA. I headed to the beach just to check it out...my first time at a southern California beach. As I walked around I saw a guy (probably mid-30s) and his girlfriend start to head to the water. He was wearing sagging black track pants and boxer briefs. He just headed right into the water not even thinking twice about getting his clothes wet. As the waves hit him his sag would get lower and lower, but then he'd jack them back up and it'd happen all over again. I, of course excited and jealous, decided to partake as well. I just took off my
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