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  1. Do you still get wet? Why don't you post more pics?

  2. I wish you would post your wet pics again! It's been way too long without any new pics!

    1. TimLucas
    2. swimsagger


      9 hours ago, Ma5t3rd10O0O said:

      Hot vid!

      Thank you!

    3. sagstvp


      That's a hot wet vid! :damn:

  3. Who in Los Angeles likes to sagg? :D

  4. Dude, you're killing me with your sags! Nice collection 😉

    1. swimsagger


      @Lee249 thanks man!  I try my best 😉

  5. Grey Uniqlo t-shirt, white Uniqlo button down, dark grey Topman skinnies, purple Diesel boxerbriefs
  6. Not what I'm wearing right now, but from two days ago
  7. I'm a big fan of Calvin Klein and Bonds - they are not cheap, but so sexy.
  8. blue t-shirt, sagging khaki jean shorts, black Bonds boxerbriefs with blue waistband
  9. hot pics!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. black sagging jeans, white CK boxer briefs, grey t, grey sweatshirt
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