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  1. Good eve my friends well I'm fully vaccinated I got my booster shot today my arm is fckn sore 😫 it's ok yeah everyday I get to come here and see more hott guys is a better day for me for me I have a ass fetish on top of alot of other fetishes coming here it's like being in a candy store all the selections to look at it don't get no better than here so thanks to all the hott guys who's ass I've got to look at I wish I could rim you all 

    1. Lee249


      Bless ya sweetie it's an honour haha 😊 will message later Chris 😘 

      The UK Govt. Recently Updated their decision based on 'scientific advice' to shorten the booster from six to five months after the second dose. I'm booking mine next week.

      Not after sympathy but I have regular injections for an underlying health condition so my immune system is buggered all year round. Basically like an open invite to any plague going. I get the flu & pneumonia jabs every winter to be safe.

      Stay safe everyone & keep rocking your sag. @CaptainPanther & I would be very disappointed otherwise 😏 laters x 










    2. SaggersRhot


      That's great! I got my booster 3 weeks ago and my are hurt from it to eventhough I didn't mind the first two shots. I even got a slight fever and felt sick in my stomach but that went away overnight. 

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