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  1. That would be exciting to see you do that to just getting to sag wit you would be exciting in my book
  2. That my friend is hott and your gf is lucky she gets to touch your beautiful ass hehe
  3. Thanks fam I'm glad your my fam 

  4. I have a issue Dillon your ass isn't following me fam 😧 lol
  5. Hey any new pics coming from you ? U def one of the hottest mofo in here fo real and I look at your Twitter feed daily it's the da best bro you are amazing huge fan here

    1. SexySaggerYo


      I am the hottest but yeah new pics soon 👌🏼

    2. Daddysgums


      Hell yea that's what im talking I like that you know your the hottest 

  6. Thanks for the follow bro hmu anytime you wanna chat bro mmm Wisconsin sagger this is hott 

  7. Not that's totally hott would of been sweet to see from start to finish 5 times that pretty Damm impressive calm down Willy Wonka and the cum factory hahaha
  8. Well I did my good deed to help this website with a donation just now and thank you flameboard for making my day 😘

    1. Lee249


      Chris, I love you dude x 

    2. Daddysgums


      I love you too lee your such a wonderful man very caring and you care for the people you love and like your heart is so big I couldn't hold it it's that big all I want is happiness for you my boo

  9. Sup guys hope everyone is having a good morning been hella busy working so I haven't been on much I'll try to post some pics when I get free time 😉

  10. Just wanted to say hi and hope your doing well and sagging awesome like you always do 

  11. Daddy wanted to say hi and I'm thinking about you my fav boy you make me proud everyday you so sexy 

    1. Lee249


      I thought I was your fave haha oh well 😝

    2. DojiSagger


      Thanks daddy, thinking of you too 😘 just uploaded some new pics so hope you enjoy them 😊 

  12. Hey your new pics  were awesome bro your totally working out and it shows mad sexy bro you never disappoint thanks for sharing 

  13. Your Twitter feed is totally awesome your very yummy pat 😊🐱

  14. Thanks for the follow bro I'm totally stoked you be mad hott 

  15. Sup sexy saggers looking to buy a newer VW golf,GTI,or a Acura snapped a few pics of me and my cat I got stoned to the bone 






    1. ElCarnicero


      The Golf GTI is a sharp ride! Keep in mind that repairs may be pricier than the Japanese models.

    2. Daddysgums


      Thanks for the heads up on this info 

  16. Just wanted to say thanks for them awesome pics you posted Damm bro they are totally sexy asf just like u you never disappoint bro quality always 

  17. Love dat profile pic bro I'd love to see your tattoo abs and dat filth sag you be having with a username like dat I gotta follow you 

    1. Filthysagger


      Thx bro. I was a long time not active but i m back again 

  18. Thanks for sharing your awesome pics they were well done and classy as always 😉

  19. Sup saggers yo I need one more sagger to follow me then I'll be at 40 followers woo hoo 

    1. Lee249


      Sadly we always miss each other mate. I can talk now for short time if you're online x 



    2. Daddysgums


      Sadly I was sleeping babes i have to work my bad working graveyard those hrs suck and I work the next 4 days I won't be available till Mon or Tues when I'm off me sry miss you bro hope work and you are doing well we will talk soon promise 

  20. Bro you are a Tru fckn pimp your whole albums rule you be the hottest gangsta I've seen in a long time hmu bro if u ever wanna chat bro 

    1. shortydude


      Thank you for the compliment. 

  21. Sup bro glad your here 8m sure you got great sag action welcome bro

  22. Just wanted to say hey hope your doing alright bro 

  23. I'm pretty impressed my collection of shoes if just beginning hopefully I'll be able to come somewhat close I have a hella long way to go lol
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