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  1. im a full time student, but in the midst of things i have worked at a farm, fast food place (soooo S***ty) and currently change tires =/ HOPEFULLY my next job will be something thats actually somewhat enjoyable...but such is life, whatever it takes to pay the bills.
  2. hey thnx for the b-day wishes! like right on time too haha

  3. H Bd 2 U

    H Bd 2 U!

    H Bd 2 Bri-ang,

    H Bd 2 u1

  4. i do like to be clean shaven from time to time, and i would all the time, but i know when the hair starts growing back in, its tough to judge exactly when it would be ok to start, cuz i did it too soon after and it irritates the skin a lot. The depilatory idea sounds like it would be nice...and easy, probably cause a lot less irritation, i'll have to look into that, thanks
  5. the literal hottest place i ever jerked was in a parking lot near a lake/beach area...there was no one around, it was a hot summer day, i was in transition to my moms house, so my laptop was in the car...plenty of arsenal for arousal. The most intense masturbation session ive had was just recently at the library at the college im at. 3rd floor is the "silent floor", and there are cubbies, i was horny and hidden...mostly, so i relieved myself...so fuckin great.
  6. i got "almost easy"-avenged 7x and "send the pain below" -chevelle for calls
  7. Age:18 Gay Straight or Bi: bi Race: white Hometown: somewherein maine Grade: college[13] Clothing What kind of underwear do you wear: boxers, boxerbriefs What brand do you wear:FTL, AE, Hanes Do you wear a jockstrap for anything: nada What do you wear to swim: boardshorts Do you ever freeball? ever so often What kind of socks to you wear (above or below the ankle): below Body Are you slim, average, or "bigger": Average Do you have any body hair: Very little Do you have any facial hair: nope Do you have any of your body or facial hair: body Do you trim or shave your pubes: yesh Below the Belt W
  8. like alotta of the others...i too sleep in boxers most of the time, but once in a while i like to go neked
  9. i be cut and 18 years young
  10. whats up dude? x3

  11. Damn dude. I need someone, there are like no guys here. I've had one bf in 18 years.

  12. so yeah...ive lived in maine my whole life and never heard of Orrington...wow...granted i havent heard of alot of towns...that and i dont even really travel up near Bangor...anyway, yeah im just outside of waterville...sidney

  13. i'm mpemokiba too n-n

  14. i have two accounts and i didn;t know it O.o

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