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  1. Such really very hot muddy videos you have; have been admiring them in youtube for a while, great to find you here.

    1. Mudadventurer


      Thanks man, glad you enjoy the videos :D

  2. I'm happy to hear you like my sag, but the mud is kind of the reason I make the videos, the sagging is more of an addition to doing them, like if I was a suit into the mud instead, that would be the addition, there are a lot of channels on youtube dedicated solely to sagging so you're definitely spoilt for choice sorry :/
  3. Bumping up this thread as I have a new video, just getting my timberlands muddy in this one, but you can see me sagging skinny jeans and Calvin Klein boxer briefs Also, that above donation link is no longer valid, if anyone wants to donate to make it easier for me to make more muddy videos, including sags of course , just send me a message and I'll tell you the details
  4. Firefighter Suited up or dressed down?
  5. I'm glad you guys are liking the vids, but while trashing all this gear is fun, it can be expensive. So if anyone wanted to help me make some more vids (no pressure at all!), you can donate some money here. I'll accept outfit/video idea requests if you donate
  6. If anyone is into getting muddy and sagging, here are some vids from my YT channel. Hope you guys like them
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