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  1. @Ongelukking: That's right, this world may seem cold from the inside, but, do not worry. You will find some persons who will be close to you =) Some are cold, some are not. There will be failures during the search, but, I'm sure, also some signs of success. These people will help you^^ And, it is not tobe hurt by other people, that's just human. But, you should stop showing that. Otherwise these actions might never stop. Even if the actions will never stop: Stop showing your pain to everyone in the outside world. Talking about pain is the first step to overcome it, but not the last one. So, s
  2. That's.... bad, really bad. Some years ago, I felt the same way as you do now. But now, I am not alone, I am not sad anymore. I'm happy, really happy! You can achieve happiness as well. But, I might be wrong, it will be hard for you. Your avatar, it is as message, I suppose. You need love, you are alone, I'm sure your live has been very hard til now, many failures. Some rays of light are shinning, but they're getting weaker every moment. If these statements are true, I'm really worried. But, there is help for you^^ Believe in yourself! There is a saying I've heard: "Courage is the magic th
  3. It is not very hard to find someone matching your options, these people are called friends =) Just wait, maybe one of your friends will be your brother sometime. He/She will know you very well, know your strengths, your weaknesses and your desire concerning hugs^^ I do hope you have any friends at all.
  4. "Le froid et pour moi le prix de la liberté"

    1. TMS


      Right =) Just switch the language to turkish. That was also very funny.

    2. TombRaider008


      De vrieskou daar zat ik toch al niet mee/En kou heeft mij sowieso nooit gedeerd!

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