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  1. Oooh, yeah, the next word: Construction
  2. Depending on where you are from: In Germany, we do have a site called markt.de. There is a special category for guys selling used boxers. This might be worth a try.
  3. TMS

    A Or B?

    Card Games. When it comes to Games: Co-Op-Play or Everybody fighting for their own success?
  4. BlutzkriegTechnology (Programm for editing missions for a tank-based game)
  5. Although I do understand your point about me being happy, this is not all that needs to be considered. I really shouldn't hurt anyone in the process in a physical way. Mental damage is bad as well, but the person in question might just stay away from me. Hurting someone physically is another level. Aaaaaand, this kinda limited my options for quite a while. Hurting others was kinda fun for me. Aaaaand thanks for the advice ❤️
  6. Just wanting to go to sleep, so stripped off completely, except for boxers. Aaaand it is still waaaay to hot 😖😖😖 Nearly as hot as this ass 😏
  7. TMS

    A Or B?

    Dry. Never done using lube. Would get a little costy indeed XD Jerking off using hands or a masturbator?
  8. These are some interesting thoughts, thanks for bringing them up First of all, there seems to be a missunderstanding. The guy in question, so, my best friend, we have never met before. All sexual activities between the 2 of us, were either online or involving clothes of him (I do have really strong fetishes for clothing). Nevertheless, jerking off to his pics (just plain old daily pics he posts on his social media) or taking his cummed boxers or jeans, gives me real pleasure. In strong contrast to real life sex. What are the reasons? Pressure, I guess. Whenever there is
  9. TMS

    A Or B?

    Nope, not til now. Have been playing older consoles via emulators, til now, I fail to see the... quality in these old games, which, I think, is because of their difficulty. Mostly I turn off the game after some minutes because of missing progress. Aside from that, the games are great. Just waaaaaay less complex than todays games. Pulling, please. Ripping is just a waste of materials. When it comes to sex: Just two persons or the more, the better?
  10. TMS

    A Or B?

    Switch! Nintendo Wii or Nintendo Wii U?
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