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  1. Really strong jeans fetish here. Reminds me of my first sexual experiences. Actually already bought jeans from strangers, just for having fun with them.
  2. Family dog, once had some fishes.
  3. Looking great! CK boxers, some new shorts I bought yesterday and an Elsa shirt.
  4. TMS

    A Or B?

    I was refering to these two. Personally, after refusing to watch them, I actually gave in and did it. Were both really boring in my oppinion. Although I prefer colder temperatures, I always use a blanket for sleeping or chilling. Just so comfortable When it comes to paying: Cash or electronic cash?
  5. TMS

    A Or B?

    Both of these are quite popular movies trilogies. Your saying might imply you never heard of them, is that correct (which would be kinda positively amazing for me) They both kinda suck, so I flipped a coin. Ninja Tutles it is. Sleeping naked or sleeping clothed?
  6. TMS

    A Or B?

    More than 150 pages. Total fan of academic books here. These are ducking expensive and in case there are less than 150 pages, it seems really frustrating. Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit?
  7. TMS

    A Or B?

    Definitely rain. The sun is kinda annoying to me, also I prefer lower temperatures. E-Book or classic book?
  8. AE Boxer, Cargo Shorts and a red T-Shirt, showing some kind of mix up between The Lion King and Star Wars
  9. Do not own any, but the pic is hot.
  10. TMS

    A Or B?

    Wii, because there is Wii Play Tanks, my favorite video game. Spring or Fall?
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