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    i like skinny sagged jeans with sneakers, here to take a look, meet new people, exchange and msn
  1. Hey mate!! Been a while since i said hello lol! So "Hello" :P How are ya? Hope all is ok :D

  2. are you from montreal dude ?

  3. yeahm sure ! are you from montreal ?

  4. Always looking to meet other saggers in montreal! Add me on msn:

    See ya!

  5. oh and i changed in the middle of the field :P

  6. nice pict man, nice body too !

  7. hey i like stroking in sneakers too, yould you like to share stuff?

  8. Welcome to SaggerWorld, sneaker_boy :D

    Im flameboard one of the site moderators if you need any help or anything give one of us a email or something.

    Thanks for joining SaggerWorld!

    ps GREAT profile photo!! Cant wait to see more from you! wish i had them boxers too lol

  9. nice pictures, i especially like the ones with your semi-fit led, fits good to you!