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  1. wanna skype bro?

  2. damn your albums are hot as hell ;)

  3. are you on my Skype? If u aren't then we need to add each other :) uksaggercamboy

  4. Hot sagging dude luv your pics

  5. I really liked your new album!

  6. Yeah CrancoX you're right. I guess there are tons of people who think we are all crazy horny guys because we love sagging, haha!
  7. Hey y'all! I really love sagging (especially in boxer briefs) and stuff, but there are a few things I don't seem to get. What's the thing with wet, muddy and double sagging? Like, why does it turn you on? I also don't get why people like to cum in their shoes or actually like shoes that much that it turns them on. I don't wanna be an ******* or anything, I just don't what to think of it.. Love, Sagger_Me
  8. You have such a hot sag and great body man!

  9. Thanks for the comment, glad you like. :) Ive added you too!

  10. heb je toegevoegd :D mooie foto's trouwens :D

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