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  1. Hey bru, I'm in London on Monday and Tuesday, u wanna hang out and sag together? 💪

  2. Thanks for the friend add! :)

  3. Hot profile pic! Love it!

  4. acraig90


    i love getting public boners i get them all the time and never hide them. I think its soo hot!!!. If you sag below your **** I allways think it's amazing to do this with having an boner
  5. acraig90


    I love the feel of sagging well past my **** and having my **** over the waistband/belt of my jeans.
  6. acraig90

    skate shoe fun

    F**** them nice and slow and ware them
  7. Walking up stairs with a low sag is the hardest thing to do. With every step they will go down more and more if you dont pull them up. That's why I wait for saggers before I go up to the platform to take my train. It gives me wonderfull views seeing saggers in front of/above me trying to keep their pants in the same (low) position while they take the stairs, whaha.

    1. Sagonmyface


      Ya, for sure. I love being behind a sagger going up stairs. So hot and you get to have your face really close sometimes.

  8. Sometime naked but most of the times, boxers.

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