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  1. Feminism

    Perhaps admins should close this discussion. It seems that the less I know about the political opinions of people here, the better. I have worked for lgbti rights for decades, lately in a global context, also together with many feminists and muslims, some of whom I can call friends. U.S.A. seem to be politically so isolated these days and no wonder.
  2. Feminism

    Of course 'feminism' is a very wide umbrella and there are all kinds feminist theorists and activists, from upper class transphobes to third world lesbians. Simlarly there is gay men from facist, pedophilia supporting, misogynist trumpists like Yiannopoulos to feminist oriented LGBTIQ anarchists. Saggers, gay saggers, can also be politically anything, but these pages are, in my opinion, happily apolitical, really quite innocent, based on erotic and estethics. Nothing pro nor anti feminism. My view on feminism is based on reading some classics like Butler and every day contact with feminists who strongly support 'gay rights.' Then there is public figures like Canadian priminister Justin Trudeau declaring themselves feminits as a matter of course.
  3. Feminism

    Under another topic there was speculation that feminists would want toclose these pages. Why on earth would they. Guys admiring each others, perhaps getting hard. That is in no way anti feminism. Generally feminism is good for guys, especially gay guys. Only men that should be frightened are rapists, those fond of sexual hasassment and perhaps some bible thumpers
  4. Odd YouTube viewers

    I have a few sagging videos in YouTube and they have a large number of viewers from Saudi-Arabia! Is there really a lot of guys there interested on messy and muddy sagging? Does any one have similar experiences, or experience of saudi guys?
  5. Fetishes

    My fetishes narrow down from sagging to baggy sagging, and wet, messy, pissed baggy sagging
  6. In most studies, etc. gay, homo (proper expression in many laguages), homosexual is defined as someone with minor or non-excistent opposite sex atraction and hetero the other way around: anything between is bisexual (its more complicated if you count more than two sexes, asexual, fetishes, etc.). Identity, how you define yourself is a different matter. I just hope that no-one is fooling himself out of fear or circumstances or ignorance. Also the idea that most gays are 'screeming queens' is silly: perhaps those are the only ones you recognize, and many such are hetero. Having erotic or sexual interest in sagging might count as a fetish, gay or hetero or somenthing in between. Me, I like many kind of men, never been sexually interested in women at all, different things arouse me, and sagging MEN is in a quite high place in that list.
  7. sand and water

    Had a plunge in local beach, then rolled in the sand, and then back to water again (see video too)
  8. Hey Krister, love the new sagging photo.  They are so hot and sexy, especially with those underwear.  Where did you get those pants?

    1. Krister


      Thanks, I like them myself although I hesitated a littke before buying them. I got them from a big, local bikers shop, where I could try different models and sizes. Actually bought another pair cause I could not dicede. They are not for summer heat, so I have to wait before I take them to everyday use.

  9. biker leathers

    Sagging in my new biker leathers AND classic Osiris sneakers I just got. I like the shine and feeling of leather pants and how they are stif enough not to drop below knees (see pic). Boxers are Björn Borg, matching colours with the sneakers
  10. Its the new heteroboys masculinity. Ladies have been looking each others clothes and bodies for ages, and its becoming a trend among all guys, without any fear of losing masculinity or questioning sexual or gender status.
  11. Guys Pissing

    I really like it wet and pissed: pissing my pants, seeing other guys wetting their pants, or getting pissed by another guy; preferbly out of doors in some public place, like a park or dark alley or, if in especially daring mood, in full wiev of others. Below a pic of some wet fun I had with a hot guy in a park.
  12. You really believe being gay has anything to do with being 'effeminate', or that truly straight boys cannot be effeminate? Gays and straight, masculine or not, can like ballet or be hairdressers. Odd pseudofreudian prejudices.

    Its up now!
  14. Becoming Gay

    If you think about being gay, your not 100% straight, at least if you are writing honestly. If you are not sure about yourself, its okay. Many people spend quite some time before they find their true self. For me iy was easy: about 14 I realised that I cold not think about girls the same way as my mates, I tried to masturbate thinking about girls, but no doing. So after after about half a year I gave up, allowed myself to think about guys, and have never looked back; and would not change the love of other men for anything. There are, however, many guys who get married with women and everything before they 'come out.' Mostly they just tried to repress their true identity, tried to become straight, before they realised that it wont work. I you think 'about being gay,' fine, experiment, just by yourself or having sex with boys and girls. Propably you are bisexual, what is sometime called 'bicurious.' As sed before, you can choose to be selibate or active, monogamous or fooling around, etc, but you cannot choose your feelings, you find them in your soul. What ever you do, try to be honest to yourself and people you are with. Talk with them what you feel. Don't fool yourself or other people. Lying, or deciet, or dishonesty will always lead to troubles and unhappines.

    Its been down before, and came back. Its not really administered and I don't know anyone who has been able to contact the guy behind it. Nice site though - some hot guys hanging there.

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