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  1. I was just banned from YouTube. Not really surprised - so many people share that fate. I was actually trying to comply with their obscure rules. No nudity, no groping of 'private' parts, not very low sagging. Getting messy, pouring yogurt into my pants, painting my jeans, rolling in mud, pissing my pants, stuff like that that YouTube doesn't like. Homophobia I think, but there is no way arguing. Where should I put my videos? Vimeo used to be more tolerant, but is it? XTube would allow even plain po*n., but I am not publishing that. Lot of messy saggers are in UMD.net, but does it have any audience? How easy ere to use, is there any editing possibilities, size restrictions, comments, statistics,... Any experiences or suggestions.
  2. Krister

    Men's butts

    Very hot ass, and wet! If I saw such hot butt in wet pants in the streets I would really go crazy
  3. I have kids and they never had any interest in sagging. Perhaps because their (gay)father is sagging most of the time and they want to find their own way. Also sagging is not popular around here and none of their mates are sagging. Lucky for me is that they have never been embarrased by my sagging: they are the only ones who have any say to how I dress.
  4. Krister

    piss myself

    Go for it: seeing guys pissing their pants is hot.
  5. Krister

    No Clothes

    but you cannot sag without clothes!
  6. Krister

    Who loves to piss in the pants?

    Had fun wetting my pants and then went to a local library and cafe. No comments from anybody, perhaps some looks, althouhg it is quite obvious what I had done.
  7. Krister

    Help me get styled

    The point of long T's is that you can sag really low, without exposing your ass and balls all the time. So, low baggy sagging.
  8. Krister

    Dirtiness fetish

    I have asked I guy I'm going to meet in the vening, not shower in the morning or use deodorant nor after gym, just for some authentic male smell.
  9. Krister

    Wet clothes

    Hot pics, although it looks a bit cold. I like to get wet in summer, sagging fully clothed of course. Here I have been swimming in a public beach, rolling in sand, and back to water.
  10. Krister

    Who loves to piss in the pants?

    Had some fun in a park.
  11. Krister

    Advice on Whether or Not it's Worth it...

    Better try than not. You may get back your friend or at least you will know that you tried. Don't leave it hanging, get a closure.
  12. How many sagging sites in the internet you follow? I am just wondering, because I just posted some pics here and in an other site, and don't know, if there is a common audience. That is "BaggySagging," a free site like this with a somewhat different profile, which I follow regularly. I also get posts from "Street Sagger" and "Silky Boys," but I am not a paying customer there: I appreciate free internet (with ads ). There is others, but these are in my radar.
  13. Krister

    Where do you piss, preferably in the pants?

    There is some bacteria in urine, but so there are everywhere. Our mouths teem with various bacteria, our skin is covered with bacteria, there is bactria on our eyes, in our stomach, ... These bacteria are not only harmless, but actually keep us healthy, they protect us from harmfull bacteria, supply some vitamins and such, brake various secretions,... You really don't want to be sterile, but of course awoid harmfull, pathogenic bacteria, and such you don't find in healthy persons urine. Want to play with piss, but are afraid of bacteria? Rather you should stop kissing - many more bacteria there. Quite an other thing is that some medicines and drugs are passed through urine.
  14. Krister

    Where do you piss, preferably in the pants?

    Pissing pants is fun, especially out of doors; or on an other sagger's pants.
  15. Krister

    New Zealand

    Sorry, but not from this trip. What with staying in hotels and driving a rental car, logistics to clean and dry would have been too difficult. One day when I was hiking in mountains I kept pissing my pants whole day, not sagging because I had to climb a lot, and just discarded the jeans after.
  16. Krister

    New Zealand

    Is there sagging in New Zealand? I will be spending a couple of weeks in Auckland and Queestown.
  17. Krister

    New Zealand

    Did not see any sagging there down under. Been travelling through 7 airports and some twice and sagging low. No problems, except one cute security guy almost made me drop my pants, beltless as I was in the luggage control.
  18. Here its nice 24 C with light breeze, but then I am 10 000 miles from home.
  19. All 'fake news' as famous saying goes, what?
  20. What I read in news, etc., it seems that often the only reason is that you are a young black male, being a sagger propably would not help. I could beliewe that even in the U.S. most police are honourable and well meaning, but to insist that they are always in the right is stupid. Police are supposed to be professional, how come that they kill so many unarmed, innocent civilians? In my coutry, Finland, there is a lot of guns, 1,5 million, which is the third highest relative gun ownerhip in the world, but very few handguns or machine guns and such. Hunters have a lot of rifles and shotguns and can wait a few weeks to get a lisence and permits. In ten years police fired guns 122 times and killed 7 people while one police have been killed when on duty.
  21. Krister

    Opinion about facial and body hair

    Cuff me and I wet my pants, before you piss & F**** me in a flithy mud pudle, wont notice any hair then.
  22. Krister

    Opinion about facial and body hair

    Some men are hot with or without facial hair: just come hand-cuff me Jace.
  23. Krister

    Opinion about facial and body hair

    Don't you ever get tired of pseudo-freudian babling?
  24. Krister

    Who loves to piss in the pants?

    Flooded my pants in a park, which was good, and then got pissed by a mate, which was even better.
  25. Krister

    Opinion about facial and body hair

    I find men with beard, moustache, etc. can look quite handsome, but not sexy, if you get the difference. Kissing and everything else would be somehow messy or shaggy, and not messy in a way I might like, with a chap with a lot of facial hair.

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