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    Love to sag but don’t do it a lot because my family hates it with a passion.
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  1. Hey, i don’t post on here at all, so if you want to see me sagging go to my insta

    Saggertye is my username so go check me out, if you don’t have insta then message me, we can talk on other places.

    1. ElCarnicero


      Let's see...you joined a sagging site, and have pics, but don't want to post them here? Strange!

    2. Tye


      Haha well, insta is more easy to me....

    3. ElCarnicero


      Why should people have to go elsewhere when they're already on this site?

  2. If there are any teen saggers on here and have discord, message me and maybe we can talk....

    1. ElCarnicero


      What's "discord"?

    2. Tye


      It’s a website you can download on your computer or phone where you can talk and meet with other people on servers, there is a saggersworld server.

  3. I always wear underwear under my board shorts, I love to sag them it’s so hot
  4. Ya just take pics while it’s happening or somthing like that, it’s so hot
  5. Took some pics last night.



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