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  1. Posted a new album yesterday. Hope you guys like it.

    1. saggernewbie


      It is super hot !! Great sagsĀ 

  2. Sagging my new clothes

    Sagging in my new Chasin clothes
  3. Sagging Puma

    Sagging in my new Puma boxer. Hope you guys like it.
  4. Sagging 6.0

    Just sagging, some pics were taken in my car.
  5. Random sagging pics

    Just some sagging pics I took over the couple past weeks
  6. Sagging 5.0

    Sagging in my white belt before taking a shower
  7. 20170418_102035.jpg

    thanks man, im glad you like it
  8. Instagram/Snapchat Snaps Exchange

    hey, my snap is justaboy. I added you.
  9. sagging 4.0

    just sagging, hope you guys like it
  10. Sagging 3.0

    Sagging with my new belt
  11. Sagging 1.0

  12. sagging

    Sagging in my room
  13. Sagging in a blue chasin boxer

    sagging in my new blue chasin boxer
  14. sagging in new boxer

    Sagging my new Chasin boxer
  15. Sagging Time


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