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  1. The last response here was more than 10 years ago. But I thought it would be cool to revive this thread and see some more underwear collections and the way they are stored / sorted 😁 Below is my collection. If I only count the unique ones, I currently have 172 pieces. The complete collection is over 200 pieces. The way I fold them is best explained in the following Instagram video: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cc3C5k8A65A/?igshid=NjFhOGMzYTE3ZQ== I'm curious about others' collections, there are undoubtedly much larger ones to be found among our members 😄
  2. Outfit to start the new week, summer is back 😎
  3. Outfit of today for work, so not the deepest sag 😁
  4. I was wondering the exact same thing 😂
  5. Dark grey hollister jeans shorts, multicolored PSD's, pink hollister T-shirt and purple adidas socks.
  6. Pink PSD boxerbriefs, black/pink Adidas tanktop, grey Adidas sweat shorts
  7. The Haunted Youth - Broken A relatively new Belgium band with some great songs like this one. The lyrics are a bit dark but beautiful. Check out their album for more.
  8. released in 1984. simple but wise lyrics. in the seat with noise canceling headphones dreaming away to times long gone. 😌
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