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    Sucks. YouTube, it seems is going down the Tumblr route... To self destruction... Queue the annoyance 😒
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    Well the age gap between my parents is 7 years so it can work i suppose. You're right though.... Be careful out there because people take advantage when they see a good thing! Never give into anyone unless it's for the right reasons. Trust your instincts and be alert. Use good judgement. Lee
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    @saggerboyzach stay finding all the good ish. :D
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    Hey man! I used to have a sagging page on youtube that I've brought back. Here's a link to my vids
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    Bummer on this one, but you're right: one day it WILL happen. Keep on hoping, looking . . . and sagging.
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    Another one:
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    Have to say my favourites are my cloud bbs from sly and my diesel stripes
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    Very hot!!! Love especially the part 01:23-01:33
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    As long as it's legal, I don't really care.
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    My partner is 12 years older I’ve always been attracted to older my first real bf after coming out. Was 36 And I was 18 we dated for 2 years
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    Some of my favorites
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    Hey, I made a new sagging video, my second one. So, if you have any feedback or recommendations, I would be very thankful.
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    Just looking for some gay po*n videos with sagging I found one and if u wanna watch it comment down below with a link to another po*n video with sagging and I will post the link here from this video.
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    00:00 1:57 7:37 7:51 The best part 8:06 8:16 Joey
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    I mainly go for older guys, but I don't care for younger guys either. Younger guys make things more fun while older guys are able to do more things legally.

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