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  1. Let me give you some help: 00:13 - Alfie 00:44 - A little bit of Caspar 01:02 - More Caspar 01:36 - Joe 02:32 - More Joe 03:54 - Even more Joe!! 04:10 - Again Caspar 04:45 - Joe 04:55 - Caspar and Alfie 05:05 - MUST WATCH!
  2. Just read this http://smoking.ygoy.com/smoking-and-the-environment/ You are actually hurting yourself and other people, so, yes! We have the right to say NO to smokers because they also harm innocent people like me... one thing is driving a car (which is a big necessity) but other is smoking (which is just a stupid thing)! Don't say that you can make what ever you want of your life when you are in fact harming the planet and all that rests on it Just my opinion... And if someone tells you to stop smoking, that's not because you are stupid, ugly or other thing like that. What we are showing
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