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  1. Lee249

    A Or B?

    English muffin. Is corn muffin nice? American? Chicken balls or prawns? Driving to the takeaway in five minutes.
  2. @Astg94 your field. Cook me up something divine please. I need to see the menu! So many requests coming your way 😋 Jacket
  3. It's my birthday... Just posted an album 🎉🎈🎂🎁 enjoy once approved x 

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    2. Pokemon


      Happy birthday! Can't wait to see

    3. jonquestor


      Happy birthday!

    4. DeusBex


      Happy birthday!

  4. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Pretzels Ice cream or cake for dessert?
  5. I'm a right dirty bugger 😁 this is why i love SW! You gotta have a laugh. Y'all are fab 👌
  6. Lee249

    A Or B?

    I've never had cream of mushroom soup. Is it delish? Chicken noodle soup... If I hear a cluck, I won't be consuming it 🤣😂🤣😂 Fish & chips or sausage & chips?
  7. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Ketchup Tomato soup or vegetable soup?
  8. I can't wait to show y'all my birthday boxers next week! X 

  9. Notifications lead me back here. @TheOther1 remember this gem? Still fresh.
  10. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Spaghetti hoops always ❤️ Chicken burger or beef burger?
  11. Captain goes down with his sag 😁
  12. @Pokemon one of these days hahahaha 😉
  13. Footballers & their brief lines makes me wonder what is going on down there. They certainly have hot bulges @salesmerlin 😁❤️ x
  14. I've lasted two whole days but been preoccupied without a **** & I can't last much longer. Gonna have to whip it out soon!!! Haha
  15. Then STICK an lol at the end of it! 😂
  16. After the blizzard comes the rain. I guess we can't have it all 😂 It's rare in the South of the UK to experience snow, so when the flurries become big flakes & the accumulations build, it's easy to get carried away. Such a beautiful sight. Winter wonderland if only temporary ❤️❄️
  17. Pink's latest album release Trustfall. On a mission to hear all the tracks by the end of today 😀
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