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  1. Bullseye. Always wanted that 14 inch CRT telly πŸ˜‚
  2. Excited about the Friends reunion show. Hope it comes soon! An article here πŸ‘‡


    1. ElCarnicero


      Not much into newer sitcoms myself, but that one was a huge hit here in the States.

  3. Did you not have a social worker or support? Reading what you went through makes my blood boil. Stuff like that can mess people up. Glad to hear that you're working your way through it mate.
  4. I will say this once. If Joss Wheden was difficult to work with, then why put up with it & speak up now after 20 years?

    Sounds like dollar signs.Β 

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    2. ElCarnicero


      Ah! I'd forgotten he was involved with that show.

    3. Pokemon


      Lee i like you but this is so ignorant, stay in your lane and don't talk about things you don't know anything about especially when they are serious problems women go through every day

    4. Lee249


      @Pokemon iΒ was making a valid point that they should have spoken up sooner. No ignorance & yes, I'm aware of what goes on thanks.Β 

  5. Just begun watching Schitts Creek on E4. It's hilarious. So happy Kevin's mum FINALLY got a Golden Globe! Such a talented actress in all her works.
  6. OMG. Do I really have to acknowledge the slut on March 14th (Mothers Day) I wonder what Moira Rose would say? Loving being up Schitts Creek without a paddle.

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    2. Lee249


      My non caring selfish mum. It falls on the 14th here. Week shy of my birthday dude πŸ˜‰

    3. ElCarnicero


      Sorry to hear there's a dysfunctional relationship.

    4. maxfli


      Sorry to hear that Lee.

  7. You're fab! So much respect for you mate xΒ 

    1. maxfli


      Awww thanks Lee!!

    2. Lee249


      Awww same πŸ‘ We haveΒ been through heaps on this site over the years together. Lots of tremendous history 😊 

  8. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Screw. I'm waiting in anticipation mate. Probably better to **** over po*n & be single. Wrench or monkey?
  9. Oh well erm ... Not me. I don't do any of that ****. Only pissing that's done goes into the pan not underwear or mouth. I had a guy earlier urging me to piss into his mouth! Disgusting. It's like guys wanting to wear nappies WTF is any of that about??? Gross.
  10. Just sent you a PM reply πŸ˜‰

  11. Being a tart. Wearing my green zipped hoody, white longline, black sweats, red Cks & white ankle socks. I wear ankle socks practically everyday, love em πŸ˜‰
  12. I have a saying in life: work your ass off for achievement & screw anyone who gets in your path. It's a dog eat dog world fellas. FACT.Β 

    Wanna get to the top, you've gotten tread on toes.Β 

  13. Into misty murky territory which is kinda dull. Cool by day & frosty by night. It should be spring!
  14. I have decided that I'm gonna change up my style & be more outthere again. Been too complacent.
  15. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Marvel Round hole or square pegg? Dirty as you by the sounds of it @Pabsman2024 Hahahaha naughty lad! 😊
  16. Levis. Ps, what brands of jeans do you wear @Astg94 have you tried dropcrotch? I love dropcrotch but they aren't easy to come by with everything in lockdown at present. I do prefer the 'hands on' approach when it comes to clothing myself mate. Good to see what's right in front of you then can decide there & then.
  17. Dillyyy you're online 😁

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    2. Lee249


      I dread to think what you wear at the weekends... A skirt πŸ˜›

    3. Dillon


      Yeah the tight boxers yo

    4. Lee249


      Dillyyy you always have a place in my heart xΒ 

  18. I can't sleep. Blood test results are backed up. My new Dermatologist approved my request for an extra test to rule something out. Hope it's all clear 🀞

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    2. Lee249


      All clear πŸ‘ I have a weak immune system due to my health condition. Which basically means i'm open to viruses, infections etc 24/7. Any crap that wants to make me ill. Had the flu jab before Christmas & Covid jab the other week. It's manageable. On top of it.Β 

    3. maxfli


      That’s nice that your all clear!!πŸ‘

    4. Astg94


      Thank goodness that things cleared up! Whew. πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

  19. That's some admission Matt. It's no biggie. Small, medium or large. The size of a knob is not the 'be all & end all' As long as it slots into the right place & does the job then who cares hehe πŸ˜‹
  20. Yeah. Longline tops are great & stylish. Always wear one when going lower than usual. You can define the length of the sag, especially below ass. I do find it exhilarating when a guy does this because he's being daring & cautious at the same time. Basically, proving his point to the level he feels comfortable with. For instance, although his underwear isn't in plain sight, we can still cherish the fact that is one phat sag on display! Just under a t-shirt ☺️
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