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  1. If you're ever on Discord we'd have a right laugh man 😁

  2. Did they do any tie up pranks? Sagging whilst tied up is like the icing on the cake for me. Gagged even better 😏
  3. Who does the yellow pages nowadays lol it's ancient. I'd rather just ring or text any fucker I know if I need advice on stuff. Alexa needs a boyfriend or companion. Come on Amazon!
  4. Nice. My beast comes up for air periodically he unleashes when I cum. I enjoy a good squirt lol
  5. Very true & insightful 😀 Back or rear I don't mind lol
  6. Anyone got their trees up yet? Despite everything we still need xmas & family what's left of them 👍❤️x 

    1. Lee249


      Speaking of trees, I'm putting mine up this week gonna make it fab! Love Christmas ❤️ 

    2. SaggersRhot


      Yes, I just put up my tree the other day.

  7. Hey new fashion stylist! I could do with some tips thanks 👍 And the answer is NO. I'm huge as it is lol
  8. She has a smooth 20s something adhering voice programme built in for us all to perv over with many circuits & algorithms etc attached. Good luck with it... She started talking bondage to me so I pulled the plug. I can't screw plastic.
  9. Missed that. Good times buddy thank you ❤️ x 

  10. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Cola (sugar free) Actimel or yakult yogurts? Love my daily Actimel strawberry boost 👍
  11. Nobody mate whoever you are will get me into something so tight no matter how sexy or revealing the appeal is 😊 How do I find out??? 😋
  12. Does she know which way my spunk will be firing next? 😏
  13. Might be heading over to Discord shortly if you fancy it.



    1. Lee249


      On Discord now mate.


    2. lo2go


      I was, too, until my machine beeped that had a message . . . from you.

    3. Lee249


      It was amazing! My friend. The problem with DMs is that it's not like a live chat. Lets arrange another live one soon. Sleep well (as stipulated, me too) look forward to it mate. 












  14. Do you wear Lycra or Spandex? Come on be honest with us. I bet you look so hot all bulged up hehe 😁
  15. If that is anything to go by... I'll ask if Alexa deepthroats hahaha
  16. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Vodka. One spirit that I cannot stand is Brandy it makes me puck. Rarely drink spirits. Fosters (thank you Aussies ❤️) or Carlsberg? (Thank you Danes ❤️) i don't drink much these days too career minded.
  17. Ppff never worn Lyra or Spandex in my life 😏 my **** would show too much this giant I hide beneath me waiting to be unleashed lol
  18. The yellow pages went out in the dark ages fool 🤣😂🤣😂 I'll ask Alexa if she knows of any local **** stain councillors & if she can forward me an estimate for the consultation 🤪
  19. At 3.40 onwards brought a tear to my eye just blown away by goosebumps 😮❤️👇
  20. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Not tried either tbh. Ginger beer. Lager or beer?
  21. It'll be a multitasking sag one that involves both 😁
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