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    At your age sexuality can be confusing. You might not be sure what you really are. Most young guys feel they need to be straight because they worry about losing friends. You need to figure things out. You need to try things and you will see how you feel. You might be with a guy and feel so strange that you will never do it again. Then you are straight. You might like both guys and girls and be bi. You might find that you are gay. You can still be good friends with your girlfriend if you are gay. Only you know how you really feel about things. There really isn't anything that anyone on here can tell you to help because we all like different things. Everyone on here had to discover themself and figure out if they are straight, bi, or gay. Only you can tell that. Just go with what you really feel and see what happens. Sorry, there really isn't a easy answer for you.
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    This weekend I have delivered pizzas to this 18-21 year old man that's comes to the door in red plaid lounge pants sagged mid ass and white Calvin Klein boxer briefs

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