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  1. Long Johns hot or not? Wearing them around the house or underneath clothes. Whats your opinion on them? Here's a pic of me wearing them how i like .
  2. Hey, Haha yeah its been awhile since I've ventured on here. The style is quite new still but see guys wearing more on tumblr. But glad you think looks good .
  3. I recently bought a bandana because I think the look is cool. The BF (FLAMEBOARD) was in two minds. What does everyone else think? Here is a pic of me wearing it.
  4. hey man, great albums!!

  5. Really loved your new album. You look great! :)

  6. Hey Hey mr, lol don't have a clue why we're not friends on here. But now we are :) xx

  7. I thought we were friends.... :(

    Not in here we're not :o:(

  8. Your new album is so hot! I really enjoyed it! :)

  9. Got to be your best album yet mate hehe ;) loved it :D

  10. I really enjoyed your outdoor sagging album!

  11. markyb2 - im glad u dont as well!!!!!!!

  12. What do people want, any ideas of what my next album of pics should be about?
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