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  1. I have Levis, Lee, Faded Glory, and Old Navy. Most of the time I wear Levis. My Faded Glory jeans got all ripped at the pockets after only a year or two. My Levis lasted much longer and are still in good shape.
  2. Most of the time I have to unbutton and unzip, but if I have my baggy jeans on, I just slide undo my belt (if I'm wearing one) and let them drop down. Then when I wear them again I just slide them back on.
  3. My room starts out clean every week but sometimes clothes pile up on the floor because I take them off and plan to wear them again later in the week and don't bother to hang them up in the closet. But dirty socks and boxers always get put in the laundry basket, never left out. I can't stand that dirty laundry smell.
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