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  1. I agree Xag has all three, wedgie, sagging, but also he did that wii tennis one where his pants were a bit too big and they fell down while he played wii.
  2. Jesus Christ his jeans actually completely fell down in public while running, can totally see his legs for a good 5 seconds.
  3. Creamy. mates pants accidentally fall down in front of you: - in private - in public
  4. Tbf it is quite nice when flameboards hands are busy and his jeans are a bit too loose. Always fun to see jeans falling down unexpectedly. Not really fussed about handcuffs specifically, but the end result of stopping you from pulling them up is always good. Now give me a hand with these shopping bags....
  5. Black. Your own pants fall down You see somebody else’s pants fall down.
  6. Can’t find the group. Love when saggers accidentally lose their jeans
  7. Almost expected them to fall down
  8. Aren’t they the same thing? Seeing a sag with a bit of leg skin or without?
  9. Cum sock your pants falling or somebody else’s pants falling?
  10. Jeans totally fell down haha
  11. Wow. Gotta pause it at exactly .24
  12. To be fair, a mass shooting for the purposes of statistics is classified as 2 or more people. Man kills his wife and then shoots himself, that counts.
  13. Lol, spins so hard they nearly fall down. Can see some leg skin 😝
  14. Haha! I’m so glad lol. Happened to a friend years ago he was giving me a backie, was ok the back of his bike and the saddle went up his loose grey sweatpants. Was an awesome view
  15. His jeans keep getting caught on the saddle and pulled down
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