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  1. bostonsagger

    Twister challenge

    Check out the two recent videos. Sags aren't as prominent, but still good: He's sagging below his ass and you get glimpses of it throughout. Some great views in the beginning. In this one, he's sagging about half ass while shooting around:
  2. bostonsagger

    What age did everyone start Sagging there pants

    I started when I was 7 years old. I was at the bottom of my butt then and gradually went lower. :)
  3. bostonsagger

    What is the best brands for Boxer Shorts

    AE boxers are the best! I’ve recently started wearing the flex boxers more and more because they’re so comfortable!! I wish they had more flex with cool designs to show off.
  4. bostonsagger


    This skater dude has a nice sag - and is shirtless in the first video and for most of the second video.
  5. bostonsagger

    Any teachers?

    Any teachers on here? I was offered a job as a high school math teacher for next year. A couple of questions for you: Do your students and colleagues know you sag? How do you handle it if they see you sagging in public? Do you smoke? Obviously we can't smoke on school grounds, but do your students know? How do you handle that? I've been working on cutting back on my smoking so I only smoke pre shower and after work. This way I don't smell like smoke during the school day.
  6. bostonsagger

    Bros: Why do you sag your pants?

    I sag below my di ck because it's more comfortable, my girlfriend loves it, and I've been doing it for a long time!
  7. bostonsagger

    Jacking off to other guys sagging.

    For the last 15 or 16 years, I've always had a girlfriend, but when it comes time for me to jerk, it is always to saggers. I don't have any desire to do anything with guys, don't like seeing nudes, but love seeing sags.
  8. That's awesome! How old are they? Do you encourage them to sag? I started sagging at a young age, and sagging is still relatively popular here, so I'd let them sag whenever. I will probably encourage them to do so once they are in elementary school.
  9. bostonsagger

    At What Age Did You Start Jacking Off?

    I started when I was 10. I remember being in bed, sagging below my c**k as always and getting a boner. Started to rub it and quickly came in my boxers... felt amazing and have been doing it every day ever since!
  10. I always sag below my ass. Best way to do it in my opinion!
  11. txt me if yew can...19195930922!!!

  12. hey dude u got MSN yahoo or SKYPE?

  13. bostonsagger


    Personally, I smoke, though I do hate the smell. I got addicted to it after I tried it a few times and now I need them. When I am about to cum, I need to light one up and enjoy the orgasm with my cig. Unfortunately, my girlfriend does too, and it's a turn-on for her.

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