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  1. Black slim jeans superdry bbs hollister hoody af1
  2. Shiny Adidas shorts. Sometimes with bball shorts over them
  3. No answer huh? I see how it is.

  4. Sup bro how ya been

  5. Love duh default as well! bahaha!

  6. hey thanks for all the posts and messages - you got some awesome pix too

  7. Love the bulge in ure profile picture and great album! Would be great to see some more pics from ya dude!

  8. sold to england before, we'll find a way to get your money here!

  9. Wish I could buy some of your stuff but I am in the UK : (

  10. You're gonna send you along too?? :P

  11. I can put something in there for you :P

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