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  1. I've been trying to message you.

    1. Lee249


      Sorry. I haven't had a chance to get into my inbox yet mate. 

  2. Hey bru, awesome pics! I'm in London on Monday and Tuesday, u wanna hang out and sag together? 💪

  3. Lee your message box is full been trying to send u message.  

    1. Lee249


      I've deleted some very old PMs to free space and replied. You should have a PM from me in your inbox dude. 

  4. Alright. Always seem to see you when i'm leaving. Odd. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lee249


      Sorry. I meant that i often see you but have to leave lol 

    3. James86


      Ok would u still want to meet me ?. Do u have kik or skype 

    4. Lee249


      Sending a PM to you now man it's cool :) 

  5. Lee hope we can chat soon . I see your getting aggitated but hope ya ok . miss ta

    1. Lee249


      According to a close friend i must learn to self-validate and when to say no. Last week was bad for me. I also have certain ongoing health issues which will never leave and can't talk about publicly mate. Ups and downs. 


      Anyways, i do appreciate your concerns. Thanks. Getting late.  Heading into shower. Will message you tomorrow yeah. 

  6. hey we are all missing u mate. hope ya ok.. 

  7. having issues in the chat bit. can't see what i'm writing as screen isn't big enough... any ideas how i can resolve that

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. tomass


      @TheOther1 there was a forum post started December 4, 2015 by Lee249  titled "Major Chat Issue" stating this issue with many people commenting on it.

    3. tomass


      love the site. sorry about sounding angry or something...

    4. tomass


      just tried it out....same problem, always have to hit a . to move the screen up to see what the person said on mobile chat

  8. just posted a new album. Hope you guys like.

  9. If anyone wants to share fetishes etc. as I can't get many into mine, let me know if you want to chat

  10. if anyone wants to chat etc with me then sure do.. totally bored and a bit down lately..

  11. really fed up at moment . if anyone from UK wants to chat. let me know thanks

    1. James86


      hope we can chat soon. just a bit down

  12. if any UK guys wanna chat let me know thanks

    1. Lee249


      Does include no strings attached? Haha, what am i like :D

  13. is the chat working right ???

    1. flameboard


      Yes it is. No reported errors.

    2. James86


      mmm must be my pc acting up then...

    3. Sagonmyface
  14. is the chat working right ???

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