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  1. Sagonmyface


    Lick lick
  2. Sagonmyface

    Worst Ways to Sag

    To me super baggy looks so 90's. Just not for me but to each his/her own.
  3. Sagonmyface

    Worst Ways to Sag

    I think o/p asking for opinions so here's mine. I don't like SUPER baggy. I usually like skinny jeans sags as my favorite, showing about an inch or two of underwear. But sometimes skinny jeans below the ass on a skinny dude, showing all the underwear makes me really turned on!!!
  4. Sagonmyface

    Men's butts

    That's my most important gym lift...squats. I go down thighs parallel with floor, flat footed, flat back with no arching, and perfect form.
  5. I'm sagging jeans and ck bb's. Come over and do whatever you want.

  6. Sagonmyface

    Men's butts

    Oh hell yes I'm a butt man all the way. The other stuff is good too, but I'm a butt nut. I love a slim/skinny guy with a nice small round butt in skinny jeans.
  7. You have hot profile pic!

  8. Sagonmyface


    Sooooo HOT
  9. Sagonmyface


    Mmmmm you sagging jeans 😍
  10. Sagonmyface


    Oh yeah, so hot!!!!!!
  11. Sagonmyface


    Such a hot sag
  12. Sagonmyface


    Sexy asf sag!
  13. Sagonmyface


    who is that?
  14. Sagonmyface

    What's your preferred body size

    I absolutely LOVE skinny or skinny skinny. Drive me wild 😍 Right now I'd say I'm "Skinny", not "skinny skinny". I've been off the weights for a few months but going back on soon.
  15. Sagonmyface

    Guess what time it is???!!!!!

    C'mon users, you see it does take money to run site so just give a little bit. Look at all the HOT sags we enjoy!!! And the chat, and cool stuff that's available nowhere else!

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