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    I´m into low saggers, especially tight underwear or freeballers

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  1. markyb2

    shooting your spunk

    I like to hear more of this. Tell me some details. Are these loads visible to anyone when walking around at school? You are teasing my fantasy too much now ;-) I wish this was my school!!!
  2. markyb2

    Guys Pissing

    What are you waiting for wwwnl?! I can´t wait!
  3. markyb2

    Guys Pissing

    Tried a lot on myself, also in public places (in ways nobody notices and you have a great time ;-) ), but never with another guy. I really would love to try.
  4. markyb2

    Sideless Shirt

    I love it, very hot wwwnl.
  5. markyb2

    Sideless Shirt

    Oh yeah, he is hot. That's Austin Mahone, a singer
  6. markyb2

    Sideless Shirt

    A big fan here, it's extremely hot. And Flameboard, I don't see the point at all, but that's what makes it so hot. It's just a (nipple) show-off. I selected some with extra nipple for you, wetwetwetnl!
  7. markyb2


    Wow! Did you make/find photo's of the front too?
  8. Cheers, it should be on every page :D Pleased you like it!

  9. Nice new banner on the homepage!

  10. Dude, your pics are extremely hot! I really enjoyed :D

  11. markyb2

    Justin bieberr!

    Very hot indeed. He has a great sag in this one too
  12. markyb2

    Word Association Game

    ......: weather
  13. Hey! We want to see it too!!!!! Is it wet or muddy, or just as hot as all your pics? :D

  14. markyb2

    Tom Daley

    Oh I like Tom Daley so much. His hairy legs are so hot!
  15. markyb2

    for those who like sk8erboys :)

    Can't wait. Flameboard, that is not against the rules I guess?

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