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  1. I agree. Yeah but some jeans a just perfect for it and look very weird when a guy do not sag in them. Some jeans just demands a below ass sag. 😉
  2. I think it depends on the jeans and style but I think on the thighs is too low.
  3. Just wanna say hi and say your one of my fav saggers all your pics are sexy asf

  4. So sexy man. Good looking guy and I really like when the jeans are falling down and you really doesn’t care. Sexy style and sag. And you are also good looking. I would give you a hug 🤗.
  5. I can't wait for new pics in the future from you your one of my fav saggers your sags are always sexy asf

  6. Exactly and with his style it doesn't matter if he is sagging below ass, middle ass och just a little. Even thought it is clear that he likes to sag low when he is not working up in the air or something like that. And he is also cute and a good looking guy. But with the sag he becomes hot.
  7. Here you can see that he is a real low sagger: It is 5 years ago though. In the videos from 4-5 years ago he usually sags under ass. What I like about his sag is that it looks so natural.
  8. And I agree. I would say that some jeans demands a low sag and should be worn under ass. His sag is clearly intentional. His jeans should clearly be worn under ass. But I haven't seen any sag like under ass in their videos yet when I checked some videos.
  9. He usually sags a a little bit or middle ass. Here is a video that show that it is intentional. It shows because he is wearing a belt and still sagging: You can see it at 05:00. I also saw a video where he was sagging low even when he was on a roof holding a guy.
  10. Yes the one with the hair is very hot. His sag is so good, sexy and low. And I agree that 1:10 is the best part. It is almost like the jeans are telling him: "Here you should have us". Sad that the other guy isn't sagging as much.
  11. HOT. That is a real sagger. A real sagger when you ee it slide down and he does not pull the jeans up.
  12. Love it. So HOT. He wears his jeans at the just right position. Perfect sag
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