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  1. i just know i need it back to get my extreme baggy fix
  2. biggest i have are 72w and yes i do rock them out in public ive never found jeans that are big enough. you find bigger ones ill buy them and rock them. i dont understand skinny jeans at all
  3. i only own 50 waist and higher. which are 20 to 22 inches bigger than my actually waist i wouldnt even know how to function with jeans my true size. the bigger the better. biggest i own are 72s which are 40 inches bigger, but id rock a 102 or 202 pair there is no such thing as too big
  4. ive been hittin u up man the past 2 days on aim n u havent hit me bak

  5. aim is lookitsluke0 - get at meh =]

  6. nm jus chillin u got aim or yahoo?

  7. nothin... what u up to bro

  8. BRO - im in DC - check out my pics and let me kno if u ever wanna sag together... oh and check out my videos:

  9. Love from Russia!

  10. ya same here man u got aim or yahoo?

  11. chillin' - bored as **** . . .

  12. nm jus chillin n u?

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