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    shy yet fun, tall, sweet, hard
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  1. yo cuz i feel ya yo same here.

  2. Whats gud my ******. Doin my thing nd jus chillen & hangin

  3. yo cuzzo just chillin and doin my thing u know cuz. wuta good wit u yo?

  4. whats up my ******? whats poppin homie

  5. wassup bro? how you saggin yo? where in florida you live bro? holla up.

  6. i will bro but i dont spend much time on this site anymore. i use baggysaggers.com mostly. yo aiight bro holla up i still check messages on here.

  7. Yo dude hot pics. You should join my FL saggers group. ;)

  8. Heyyyy hottness!! hows it goin???

  9. wassup bro? hows that sag?

  10. yo bro thanks! love saggin madd hard

  11. Damm.....You are one HOT low sagging dude!

  12. bluesolja


    Name: Bernie Age: 31 Style: baggy thug low height: 6ft3 weight: 190 sexuality: gay Work & Hobbies: beach, music, moveis location: Florida, USA
  13. bluesolja

    What are you wearing right now?

    right now black Nike Shox size 17 with 42w Southpole jeans saggin mid thigh with Adidas bball shorts under them sagged below butt with cotton boxers under them a tall tshirt fitted hat
  14. Hey you should get on yahoo dude. :-)

  15. Sup dude? How you been? Would like to chat on yahoo sometime. Hit me back please. :-)


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