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  1. I understand why some people may not like this, but the way I look at it, lots of people say the same things about sagging (it's disrespectful, intimidating, nobody wants to see your underwear, etc.) and yet most of us on here still sag, because we enjoy it and it doesn't hurt anyone else. So I honestly feel the same way about playing music in public. I say if you don't like sagging, try not to look, and if you don't like someone else's music, try not to listen.
  2. Who on here likes playing music while out in public (without headphones) through their phone or speakers? I've started doing this lately using my phone to play rap music while sagging low and walking down the street, riding a bus, and at the skatepark. Feels hot to me knowing everyone around me can hear my music, kinda like how with sagging, it can be hot knowing everyone can see your underwear or at least tell your pants are low.
  3. Definitely not too low IMO! I've sagged that low or lower in public many times.
  4. Short black t-shirt, red/white/grey plaid boxers, W38 baggy jean shorts below my **** that go down to my shoes.
  5. I've never really thought about color co-ordination before haha. I don't completely follow this, since I sag blue jeans with red basketball shorts all the time, and sometimes blue boxers above my red bballs. I do always wear a black belt with my jeans though.
  6. Currently triple saggin with a short black t-shirt, black bballs below ass, red bballs below **** and baggy pants hanging low at my knees. All 3 layers are showing too!
  7. White t-shirt, blue and white checkered boxers, red basketball shorts below my ****, and low baggy pants at my knees.
  8. Short white t-shirt, blue plaid boxers, red basketball shorts below ass, and baggy pants low, like 4 inches above my knees. Both my boxers and bballs are showing.
  9. Long t-shirts don't cover my sags, because I sag so low that you can still see my basketball shorts even with a long shirt.
  10. Wow, awesome low saggin here! I like how he sags super low and you can see his basketball shorts in front and back.
  11. Long white t-shirt, red/black/grey plaid boxers, red basketball shorts below ass, and baggy jeans at my knees. Been saggin that low a lot lately at home.
  12. I wear boxers all the time! It's actually the only type of underwear I own haha. I would never wear briefs or bbs. I just don't get the appeal. I like the loose feeling of boxers.
  13. Sagging my baggy pants below **** wearing black/red basketball shorts under my ass, and blue/white boxers. Wearing short black t-shirt, which helps my boxers show better.
  14. White t-shirt, red/grey plaid baggy boxers, black/red basketball shorts below ass, and baggy jeans worn just above my knees. Both my boxers and basketball shorts are showing.
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