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  1. Would you guys really say that this vid is a question of style? To me it looks more like a dude whose mental health isn't what it's supposed to be, or he's high on something, and doesn't really know or care how he dresses. Look at his shoes. At his bare ass. At how he stops to pick up some trash. I don't think his sag is intentional. Sagging at the knees, OTOH, is not at all unheard of and I used to sag that low myself, too (now I'm more of a mid-thigh or just below balls guy), but always with a supertall tee.
  2. Dude this vid is one of the hottest I've ever seen! Please post more!
  3. I usually wear 46-56, which is +12-22 inches. I like my pants really big and baggy, and sagging really low.
  4. I would have liked to see this from the front... No, I don't think it's too low. Looks hot.
  5. Who do you mean? The guy has bballshorts on!?
  6. dude u from finland too? where from? how old r u? what's ur style?

  7. hey man do you ever use your msn? if u like, add me hiphopdude69@hotmail.com. I'm trying to talk to you right now :)

  8. Hey dude, the guy sagging in that photo you commented on, was like that the whole day, maybe not as low but in the other photos thats exactly how he was, was a well hot sight!!!!

  9. thanks man those are 52s

  10. where u from dude?

    and what size jeans do you wear man?

  11. Dude your pics about the 68" jeans are HOT!! Pls post more :D

  12. I don't think he sags too low. He should just wear a longer tee, that's all. I've sagged that low many many times, no problem walkin once you get used to it. But you really need a tee that goes all the way to your knees, otherwise it doesn't look good
  13. Hey man !

    Yeah, I'm a very low sagger ! I always sag below my **** too. And you're right : it's never too low. That's why I wear heavy oversized pants, so I can feel them and pull them up all the time to feel them get lower as I walk. It really turns me on ! Basically, I sag as low as I can, in the largest pants I can find... ! ;-)

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