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  1. Just got a new Facebook at

  2. blazedsagger

    Hot Sagger Standing in Public

    Damn...I could stare at that ass all day! Dislike denim jackets though lol
  3. blazedsagger

    Does Anyone Sag Below Ass

  4. Looking to cam, anyone interested? I'm saggin way low!

  5. Anyone wanna sag on cam? message me

  6. blazedsagger

    Sagging Real Low...
  7. Check out my new video on only ;)

  8. blazedsagger

    Accidentally Unprotectied

    Well, honestly, I really don't understand what you're afraid of. If you are long term boyfriends, then why do you care about using protection? As long as neither of you has any STI, there's nothing for you to worry about. I mean, it's not like you are going to get your boyfriend pregnant...
  9. blazedsagger

    Conorrr Maynard

    The one in Flamey's post actually isn't his boxers, I saw the same pic from another angle and it's the shirt he's wearing under the other shirt. Sadly not many pictures of him seem to show his underwear...
  10. God damn your new pics are HOT !! ;P

  11. blazedsagger

    What Was Your Favourite Sexual Experience?

    I fucked a guy in a garden shed once...after it was over I realized we fucked right on top of a rifle. He was tighttt too.
  12. blazedsagger

    cock and info about yourself

    Cut. 19. First masturbated around age 11. Fetishes: Sagging, speedos, group sex, muscles
  13. blazedsagger

    Sideless Shirt

    I think it's hot too. Caught this guy a few weeks ago, his sag was lower on the other side but I couldn't get the pic from there...

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