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  1. lowsagg

    Girl Saggers?

    F**** she's hot
  2. lowsagg

    Bros: Why do you sag your pants?

    i sag cuz it looks cool normally lower mid thigh
  3. lowsagg

    Would you sag on a first date?

    well i personally can't even not sag lol
  4. i'm looking for 56" or 58" jeans but it's hard to find good-looking baggy pants bigger than 52"
  5. oversized clothes and massive baggy pants lower mid-thigh or at knees
  6. ok my w52 pants (+20 inches) arrived with the 6xl t-shirt and hoodie now so gonna rock em mad low around my knees
  7. +16 inches is the biggest i would wear but normally it's like +10 or +12

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