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  1. So hot indeed! Love how they just don't give a F****. Must smell amazing. Bet those boots and skate shoes are soaked too with their piss socks. Would love to get to have some fun with both of them at once. I'd get them even more soaked!
  2. I don't like in mouth, but gets me turned on feeling warm piss trickling down my leg into my shoes and socks. Give it a go one time you may like the feeling. Then shower clothed after to rinse!
  3. john


    I get turned on by saggers and also shoes - has to be either hightops, skate shoes or timbs. Must be worn super loose with laces untied - gets me really turned on when I see guys doing shoeplay or the heel slipping a bit as they walk - ie loose shoes like they just don't care.
  4. john

    Sneakers fetish

    Love hitops especially with really loose laces - love seeing hot guys walking with their heels slipping - gets me super hard!
  5. I love loose sneakers on guys, especially hi-tops. Really gets me horny, especially if the heels are slipping. They need to be loose laced and untied too! Hot with ankle socks too so you only see the ankle socks when the heels are slipping. Some other examples - timbs, adidas hi-tops, Osiris,
  6. john

    Sneakers fetish

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO47xzktSk0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ti0rrYes27I&list=FLJls-lnTXpHkqRPIQ890rbg&index=11
  7. I remember seeing a few of those hot hi tops in your youtube vids worn really loose...Shame to see them go and no more loose hi top vids with them. Are you going to buy some more loose hitops to replace them?? Can't wait for more shoeplay vids from you!
  8. john

    Sneakers fetish

    Me too...love watching guys walking along in loose hi-tops and sagging. Especially love watching hot shoeplay videos on youtube/xtube of guys slipping their hot loose hi tops on and off whilst sagging and playing with feet and shoes! Can't get enough of it. That feeling of walking in loose shoes gets me hard all the time!
  9. john

    Sneakers fetish

    Me too...I get really hard watching guys walk in hi-tops and doing shoe play in them! Do you like them worn with the laces untied and loose too? I find that so hot when the high tops are loose and untied Even hotter if they are wearing ankle socks that are hidden when the shoes are on
  10. john

    Sneakers fetish

    Hope you like these
  11. Leave them with the laces untied and hanging the ends out, looks hotter! Also, wear them loose
  12. Each to their own, but there's a lot of people out there who find loose skate shoes hot, me included. I know many people on here to like this too. Just because it does nothing for you, doesn't mean it's not a turn on for other.
  13. I like this video because there's some shoe actions!! Those hot red Adidas hi-tops. He pulls one off at 3:51 and throws it away. 5:13 is quite cute too - along with a few seconds after he rammed his bulge into the guy then rubbed it. 6:38 his loose hi-top Adidas slips off his heel - so hot!
  14. john

    Sneakers fetish

    Here's a few of my favourites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPN-8UABXLM&index=69&list=FLJls-lnTXpHkqRPIQ890rbg
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