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  1. That's really super hot…If I was around, I would watch him all day….:-)
  2. Missed the date…hope you did it and took some great pics and vids….;-)
  3. hey! got any pics of u freeballing?

  4. hey there! this for ur comment today…I would really like to read ur story that happened on the plane…u wanna write it down? I would write my one as well for you...

  5. I went to the gym the other day and after shower and sauna, I decided to go to the jacuzzi. They have 3 rather small ones…like for 4 people each at max…I joined one with one guy already sitting inside and at the same time I went in, another guy arrived, so we were 3. As it was small and you couldn't see anything under the water surface, I accidentally touched a foot of the guy sitting next to me with my foot…I didn't say anything as if I just hadn't realized…and took it back...but it gave me an instant boner and I really got horny…I have never seen this guy nor talked to him, but this really t
  6. That is the exact way I do it…do you have any pics of that? It's always a big turn-on for me….
  7. Yes, one thing is practice….but it also depends on the mood…when I am a bit horny and walk through the streets sagging, I am always at least semi-hard...
  8. got any pics or recommendation/links for vids to watch? find that hot as well…:-)
  9. yeah….I still wait for some more pics here…;-) I can*t find any on the net...
  10. Can't find any pics of that….does anybody has some?
  11. hey there! just saw a sagger today in his timberland boots….wearing them really loose…didn't have the chance to make a pic or even a short vid…but it was so hot…it instantly turned me on…do you have any links to vids or pics for those loose skate shoes? would be awesome...
  12. Flameboard you are so right....the combination...
  13. hotttttt!!!!! how can you walk around like that not having a boner?
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